Flame Safeguard Programmer

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microSB ED
Replacement for Honeywell R4140

(Compatible with Honeywell Q520 base)

The microSB ED is a microprocessor based, completely programmable, digital flame control system designed to automatize the operation of gas, gas-oil and fuel-oil burners in all types of boilers,
ovens, etc.

Its advanced design replaces old mechanical models for a high reliability digitally controlled electronic unit. The microSB is serviciable and spare parts, service and support are guaranteed.

Its flexible design allows the user, by means of its LCD display and keypad, to set the operation parameters as pre-purge time, pilot time, etc. without the need of costly additional modules. In case of a fault during the operation the LCD display with describe it.

It also registers, in its internal memory, the time of the last operation, total equipment time, number of operation cycles, number of occurrences of each type of fault and other information useful for verification and diagnosis.

Three flame amplifiers allow operation with UV sensor (C7027A), LD Photoresistance and Flame Rod. One amplifier of your preference is included.

Inputs on the microSB ED include:
Airflow switch
Limit Switch
Fuel valve safety switch
Hi fire modulator switch
Lo fire modulator switch

Outputs on the microSB ED include:
Pilot fuel valve
Main fuel valve
Ignition transformer
Blower motor
Alarm relay
Hi fire to modulator (For 4 wire modulator)
Lo fire to modulator (For 4 wire modulator)
Automatic fire to modulator (For 4 wire modulator)

Available in 110 V and 220 V versions

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The microSB ED can also be configured to replace Fireye 26RJ8 controls
(Under request)

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