Digital Datalogging Barometer

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Digital datalogging barometer with 50 days capacity
0.1 hPa or 0.01 in-Hg resolution 0.5 hPa precision
0 hPa to 1100 hPa operating range
RS232 serial port computer interface

The microBar digital datalogging barometer digitally records and displays the atmospheric pressure in hectoPascal units, replacing ,in one unit, the mercurial barometer and the paper-band recording microbarograph, saving the atmospheric pressure values at 15 minute intervals for up to 50 days.

0 hPa to 1100 hPa operating range.
0.1 hPa or 0.01 in-Hg resolution 0.5 hPa precision
Non volatile internal memory retains data even in the absence of power.
LCD display for data visualization and parameter adjustment.
RS232 interface port for conection to personal computer.
Easily calibrated via keypad commands.
Internal 1.2 Ah rechargeable battery with 48 hour capacity.
Dimensions: 12.5 x 17.5 x 7 cms.

Datalogging capacity
The 32K internal memory allows data recording in 15 minutes intervals for a total period of 50 days. This memory is non-volatile, data is retained even if the battery is completely discharged or the external power supply is disconnected.

Operator interface
You can have the last 192 registers (That is the last 48 hours data) be displayed in the LCD display. Also, via the keypad and display, you can perform the following operations:

Start data acquisition
Restart data acquisition (without erasing previous data)
See / Change the internal real time clock
Establish serial data communications to a PC
Set the location identifier
Set the calibration parameters.
See the voltage of the barometric sensor

Data processing software
The microBar comes with a Windows data reading and processing software that can display the recorded data in tabular and graphic form, save the data to disk and data export.

 Included parts

microBar digital datalogging barometer
Power supply (110 VAC / 13.8 VDC)
110 VAC power cable (Black)
13.8 VDC cable (Red/Black with plated connectors)
RS232 serial interface cable (Gray)
microBar for Windows software on CD
Instruction manual



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