Digital Datalogging Pluviometer


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The microPluvio electronic pluviometer digitally registers pluviometric events.
The recorded data can be displayed on the LCD screen on the datalogger, including total daily precipitation (up to 250 days); current day accumulated precipitation and the last 24 hours, hour by hour.

Version B of the microPluvio records data in 15 minutes intervals for up to 50 days.

Data also can be downloaded to a PC via its RS232 serial interface

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Pluviometric sensor 8" diameter collector
Corrosion and UV proof


Non volatile internal memory with 250 day capacity
LCD display for data visualization and setup.
RS232 serial interface for data downloading to a Personal Computer
Internal rechargeable battery allows operation for up to 10 days in absence of electrical power.
8" diameter pluviometric sensor, with 0.2 mm resolution.
Windows compatible software (In English)


The complete microPluvio package includes:

1. 8" diameter pluviometric sensor, with 0.2 mm resolution.
2. microPluvio datalogger
3. 110V power supply / battery charger
4. Cables
5. Instruction manual (English)

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